Diary Entry

Tue 16th Jan

This morning I had to choose to do my orders first or go food shopping. I feel that i’ve fallen a little behind since being unable to work as hard yesterday as I usually do. But thankfully, today I feel great! But a little nervous i’ll be catching a cold sometime soon. My buyers are usually good waiting for me when i’m poorly though, which is really nice. Always love my buyers and the way they just want me to get better ^_^

I went food shopping which took up the whole morning. Came home, had lunch and got started on my work! I sent my lovely buyers from Brazil their revisions and instrumental versions, got 4 more nursery rhymes completed so that’s now 5/9 complete for my buyer from the United States and I recorded a voiceover which was ordered last night by a new buyer!

This evening i’m working in the cinema. My last shift was before Christmas and there is a live show tonight so i’m needed. Looking forward to an of socialisation!

Diary Entry

Mon 15th Jan

Well, wow. I had a surge of orders over the weekend, making it my best week on Fiverr.com since 25th Jan 2016. All I could think about yesterday was what I had to do. My “to do” list just grew bigger and bigger and this morning I started to battle it!

Fiverr have started to do a monthly evaluation on seller levels. Today was the first one, and i’ve kept my status! Thank goodness for that! Hoorah!!!

I had my first order to my new “pre-made” jingle gig. Recorded a voiceover for a returning buyer from Ireland. Produced a 30 second jingle for a returning buyer from years ago! She lives in California. So great to see her return, I really like her she’s great! She supplied lyrics and melody and really thinks my work is worth something. She makes me feel great every time! I recorded a children’s nursery rhyme for a new buyer based in Australia. I hope they will return for many more!

Now I have 9 nursery rhymes to compose for one of my favourite return buyers ever from the United States. It’s just a shame I have a headache now! So, I’ll be starting these after dinner when i’m refreshed and in my creative mind!

The wedding invitations arrived this morning that we bought off Etsy, they look so great and she even included some spares! Fantastic. Yes Yes Yes the big day is getting closer. Just got to wait a few months to send these off now!


Self-employed? Got a headache? It doesn’t matter. Keep going! Deadlines are deadlines! I just finished dinner, then finished nursery rhyme 1/9. An email has just appeared for 7 radio voiceovers. So i’ll get them done, and back to nursery rhymes I go!


I was defeated by feeling rotten and spent the afternoon trying to sleep it off. I was woken up at 4pm by a message on Fiverr. A return buyer from Sweden back for another 30 second jingle for a new app. Below is the jingle I did for them a year or so ago. I won’t be silly and force myself to do this today, so i’ll be adding it to my list of nursery rhymes to do tomorrow… but I will try get a nursery rhyme done after my evening meal… surely i’ll feel better then!?

Diary Entry, Jingles, Nursery Rhyme Projects

Thu 11th Jan

I just realised I didn’t write here yesterday! Tuesday was rather quiet up until two of my favourite customers came back for more! I was playing my ukulele to pass some time when the message came through! January’s are always so quiet so any work I get in really puts a smile on my face! So on Wednesday I spent the morning producing 3 children’s songs for my return buyers in Brazil (I say buyer but they’re more like friends now after working with them for about 3 years!). They teach english to kids with music and are doing really well! I then had a nursery rhyme to do for a return buyer based in the United States.

I then spent the afternoon cooking a chicken dinner ready for when my partner got back home from work. Eating healthy is easy if you’re organised! This morning is much quieter so i’ll just be sitting here for my second day in pyjamas, looking a waiting for more orders to roll in… and as I just typed this I just got a message on Fiverr from someone based in Qatar for a jingle! Perfect timing or what?


It’s one hour later. Great news, they ordered and I did it and they love it! Just waiting for them to share it with their colleagues now just incase they want any changes. The jingle is for a juice drink brand and will be used as their telephone hold music. It really is nice to do something away from children’s music sometimes!


Self-employment can get very lonely but i’m lucky because my partner works very near to our house. Meaning he can come home at lunch and have food with me! Hurrah! He’s back at work now and i’m thinking what to do. I sat on the sofa trying to get warm and then an email came through for two radio voiceovers, so i’m back at the computer ensuring a very fast delivery!


Feeling pretty tired, but I’ve just been kindly interrupted from cleaning the house and ironing, by the sweet buyer from South Korea I had back on December 13th! She’s back with lyrics and a cute melody for round 2! Another cute song yay! I just love working with her. She makes puppets and takes the most amazing photos of them on instagram. Hi Ho Hi Ho, It’s back to work I go!


Another happy customer. Another great day. maybe January won’t be so quiet for business after all?

Diary Entry

Tues 9th Jan

I’ve just recorded a voiceover for someone in Belfast, Ireland. Currently my only order of the day. Then I thought, I haven’t written in my blog since last Friday!

It’s day 9 of the diet, and it’s going great! The secret? We’ve been eating breakfast every day, having a small lunch and a bigger evening meal before 6pm. No snacking on rubbish, no processed freezer food… i’ve lost 5lb’s already! Shifting that weight for the year of the wedding 🙂 When you’re self-employed, it’s difficult not to just keep eating all day when you’re sat inside all day with food surrounding you. All of a sudden you’ve piled on the pounds and you just keep eating biscuits, crisps… everything you shouldn’t!

On Saturday, Gareth and I went wedding ring shopping. We picked some really beautiful rings and I can’t wait ’til they’re ready! It’s exciting how time is flying so fast now we’ve hit 2018. Nearly everything is ready… Just outfits and the cake to sort!

Anyway, last week I didn’t think I was going to make enough money for my weekly goal.  Which can be a little worrying when you have bills to pay and a wedding to save for. But on Sunday night I had a premium jingle order in on Fiverr from someone based in Jersey, which covered me for the week! So I hit that goal, but last minute. It’s a money rollercoaster in this job. You can feel poor one day and next everything can correct itself. So I was very pleased. I told my buyer i’d get it sent to them today (Tuesday) as I was visiting my great friend Isabel yesterday. However, I came home and got working on it and finished it too! They loved it first time too. So not only did I deliver earlier than I said, I got it perfect first time! My favourite type of orders. They gave me a 5 star review and said they’d certainly be back in the near future. Hurrah!!



Diary Entry

Fri 5th Jan

Today hasn’t been the most productive day i’ve had this week! It’s been a quiet week on the jingle front, as it is every year at the beginning of January! But I must keep telling myself, I have 25 more days of the month to make enough money for my bills, house and wedding savings. You have to keep positive in your quiet weeks. The more years your’re self-employed the more you get used to it because you can work out patterns of busy and quiet. So this is totally expected. However, I did have an order through from a return buyer at 2pm for a jingle for their radio station. They loved it first time and even tipped me! Hoorah, I love the tips! Don’t we all? 😉

Diary Entry

Thurs 4th Jan

This morning began with a bagel and a cup of tea in bed followed by 4x radio voiceovers and an email from Pond5 saying all the tracks I uploaded haven’t been accepted because they only take WAV files and not MP3’s! I’ve waited a week for them to review my uploads so its bad news for me, but i’ve just uploaded two full tracks again and before I upload the other versions and lengths i’ll see if these get accepted. It’s taken years to make the effort to write stock music, but I have a feeling if I put a lot of effort in i’ll make some great extra cash from it! I need a track up and a first sale and then i’m pretty sure i’ll be hooked to the platform I have yet to find so much about.

With stock music, you sell the licence rather than the track. People can listen before they buy and then they can use it for their work. Unlike what I sell on Fiverr where everything I write is original to each buyer, stock music can be sold over and over again. There are loads more sites to explore so once i’ve got the hang of Pond5 I may even branch out! I’m excited for this journey to begin.

Diary Entry

Tues 2nd Jan

It’s 2018, Happy New Year! This year I’m getting married to my soulmate, best friend and love of my life. This year I want to finish 18 books. Last night, I finished book one, Obsession (1/18). This year I want to release the Shiftypop Album, I’m half way there with it and this year would be perfect for a release as it’s my last year as a Pountney and 5 years since I released the Toypop Album (Come What May). You will find it on my soundcloud page if you want to listen.

I spent New Years this year with my family and yesterday we came home! Today I’m back to work, but my workload is empty! So I went and filled the house with good food and I’ve made a lasagne ready for when Gareth gets home from work. This is also going to be the year of healthy and losing a few pounds!


As it’s January, it’s tax bill month. But after a few years of learning that I should save my tax as I go along to stop me scraping through the year, I’ve paid all my tax 6 months in advance! So whatever I owe now I have time to save for which is such a relaxing and nice feeling. My big tip to any self employed person is pay your tax first and your holidays second! It’s a good habit to be into 😀