Diary Entry

Thu 15th Mar

This week has been so busy. Since Monday, I’ve recorded vocals for 13 kids songs and recorded 10 radio voiceovers, finally completely finished the bible story songs which I’ve been working on for the past 3 weeks (or longer!?) and just sent the last files for the 30 second shop jingle I’ve been working on. I had an “ear infection” scare over the past few days and a mega sore throat yesterday but today it’s all cleared away! So thankfully I’ll be cancelling my doctors appointment in the morning. I’m now fully fit to keep recording! Hurrah!

My nephews will totally like this video…10 Red bottles Spiderman Style!!

Yesterday I recorded some voiceovers advertising Telford Shopping Centre. It makes me so excited when Telford pops up because all my family live there. Such a small world! I better get back to the washing now it’s all quietened down… Laters!

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