4th June

Currently experiencing a quiet time on the work front. Very rare these days but always makes me a little anxious! However, I Feel I’ve improved since my previous quiet times though because I have spent my quiet time going to see friends and family and staying busy – socially! This time a few years ago, I’d be a nervous wreck, waiting for orders, thinking about orders, waiting and thinking about stuff but not doing anything to improve the situation or taking my mind off it!  When you’re self-employed, sometimes there are quiet times. But this isn’t always necessarily a bad thing.

A lady I’ve been working with on writing songs for her Youtube sent me a link to her new video. She dedicates her youtube channel to her son Beau! He also features in the videos and he is AMAZING! Tanya wrote the lyrics for “A-U-T-I-S-M” and I brought them to life with music and vocals. I wrote the lyrics & music and sang “Like An Animal” (our first song together). I hope you enjoy these videos like I did! I’m looking forward to song three this week!

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