Fri 15th Jun

This week has been pretty awesome. It started with a band practice with Izzy with our ukuleles! If someone was to ask my favourite hobby, it would be playing my ukulele with Izzy, it’s great to collaborate with another musician who has similar music taste. She’s an amazing singer and it pushes me to be my best when I’m collaborating with her.

I’ve kept up my social life this week. Played bingo and didn’t win (I dont think I’ll ever win again!), I had my new earrings taken out and found out they’re not as healed as I’d hoped! But it’s great to have nice earrings in now rather than those you get when you get them pierced for the first time!

This week has been full of voiceovers, return buyers, songs, jingles and kids songs and singing. I also covered this today!



4th June

Currently experiencing a quiet time on the work front. Very rare these days but always makes me a little anxious! However, I Feel I’ve improved since my previous quiet times though because I have spent my quiet time going to see friends and family and staying busy – socially! This time a few years ago, I’d be a nervous wreck, waiting for orders, thinking about orders, waiting and thinking about stuff but not doing anything to improve the situation or taking my mind off it!  When you’re self-employed, sometimes there are quiet times. But this isn’t always necessarily a bad thing.

A lady I’ve been working with on writing songs for her Youtube sent me a link to her new video. She dedicates her youtube channel to her son Beau! He also features in the videos and he is AMAZING! Tanya wrote the lyrics for “A-U-T-I-S-M” and I brought them to life with music and vocals. I wrote the lyrics & music and sang “Like An Animal” (our first song together). I hope you enjoy these videos like I did! I’m looking forward to song three this week!

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Thu 12th Apr

Ahhh! It’s nearly a month since I posted. March 16th… what have I done since then! Well, I’ll look in my little diary.

At the end of the month we took our last holiday together (before I’m a Mrs!) to Rome. It was great. So many historic sights (Colosseum & Vatican were my favourite) and so much great food. Ice-cream, Pizza, Pasta, Lasagne… the list goes on! It was a lot of walking, which I’m not used to obviously from sitting in the house most of the week aha!!

I had some radio voiceovers and one nursery rhyme to do before we left and then I put my Fiverr page on 7 day delivery. Someone finally ordered a project they’ve been talking about for almost a year which was fantastic because I couldn’t wait to get started on that one. I had to do that the first day I was home because they needed it fast! Which meant delaying picking up the rabbits for another day but sometimes I do have to shuffle my plans to get deliveries in on time! Got to keep my customers happy!

I started and finished my second Italian children’s nursery rhyme – which was liked! The guy I work with on these is Italian and sends watsapp voice clips telling me what he needs. English is his second language but he’s really good at telling me exactly what he wants which is great because I can’t speak Italian! Maybe I should learn?

Easter arrived, orders dried up a little. Always makes me a little anxious when that happens, but when I look back at previous years, this is the “quiet time” which now is beginning to busy up already… so panic over! I did a voiceover for an explainer video with original music, two new songs for my friends in Brazil, worked a long easter cinema shift, visited my family for a night, stayed the night in Cheltenham the weekend just passed, started the third Italian children’s nursery rhyme, worked another shift in the cinema, sang two nursery rhymes for a lovely return buyer from years ago – I’ll be writing more for her over the next few months and beyond, now today I write two nursery rhymes for my buyer in Italy and… I raise my glass (arms) to the new tax year 2018/2019… I had my best year this year just passed, so if this is a good one, we’ll get a great mortgage when we buy next year – fingers crossed!



Fri 16th Feb

Hurrah! I kept my top rated seller status on Fiverr this month. This weeks been so quiet, which has allowed me to tidy up and continue the wedding planning.

Last night we had friends to stay! Which was really fun. Then Today I did a recreation of the “Head Shoulders Knees and Toes” nursery rhyme and made some more changes to the Bible children’s song I’ve been composing. I didn’t get dressed… but hey it’s friday! And it’s takeaway night tonight!