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Thu 3rd May

It’s very difficult to stick to a blog when it isn’t second nature! This week I’ve had a bit of a sore throat, which is always really not cool. But I used my time well by visiting family… hopefully not spreading my germs! I’ve been singing a lot of children song’s lately, along with radio voiceovers and I’ve recently written a jingle for a kids website that promotes saving the earth. I uploaded my new EP to Bandcamp ( and got my first two sales! I won’t be able to see if I’ve had sales on Amazon or iTunes for a while… Today I’ve had a lot of time on my hands, so I covered George Ezra’s Paradise.

I hope you will have a listen and maybe leave a comment on it or even a like!

Jingles, Theme Songs

The Jelly Belly Schmelly Show!


This is one of my favourite children’s entertainer jingles written especially for The Jelly Bell Schmelly Show! Totally love her show, it’s so Bright and FUN! The theme song really fits the package i’m so glad she found me and chose me to write and produce her jingle. Check her out!


The Frog and the Fly

When Ken Miles came to me in 2014 for a jingle I was delighted. He supplied the lyrics and I composed, sang and produced it. Together we made this amazing catchy song that will forever be stuck in my head… and maybe now even yours? He sent me his signed book and I shall treasure it forever. The fridge magnet calendars (2015) have been on my fridge for the past 2 years!