Cover Songs

Thu 3rd May

It’s very difficult to stick to a blog when it isn’t second nature! This week I’ve had a bit of a sore throat, which is always really not cool. But I used my time well by visiting family… hopefully not spreading my germs! I’ve been singing a lot of children song’s lately, along with radio voiceovers and I’ve recently written a jingle for a kids website that promotes saving the earth. I uploaded my new EP to Bandcamp ( and got my first two sales! I won’t be able to see if I’ve had sales on Amazon or iTunes for a while… Today I’ve had a lot of time on my hands, so I covered George Ezra’s Paradise.

I hope you will have a listen and maybe leave a comment on it or even a like!

Diary Entry

Tue 6th Feb

Hey everyone! Feeling good today especially as I’m up to date on all my projects. Last Friday I got all my projects done and managed to write another track called “Take Your Prize”. I’m so excited to share it with you all, so here it is!

After I finished the track, I had another order in for a television toy commercial jingle! It was great timing because nothing was going to pull me out of my musical zone on this new track when I was half way through. Aha! Today I had to re-write the jingle which was ordered on Friday, I think I was too tired by the time they ordered to give it my serious “all”! But today they’re happy with the final delivery. I also had to work on the toy commercial jingle which was ordered the Friday previous. They had the clients feedback, and it resulted in another re-write! But it was okay, it doesn’t happy too often so I took it in my stride and did it again! I finished by 1pm. I’ve spent the afternoon tidying the house and doing washing.

Diary Entry

Tue 16th Jan

This morning I had to choose to do my orders first or go food shopping. I feel that i’ve fallen a little behind since being unable to work as hard yesterday as I usually do. But thankfully, today I feel great! But a little nervous i’ll be catching a cold sometime soon. My buyers are usually good waiting for me when i’m poorly though, which is really nice. Always love my buyers and the way they just want me to get better ^_^

I went food shopping which took up the whole morning. Came home, had lunch and got started on my work! I sent my lovely buyers from Brazil their revisions and instrumental versions, got 4 more nursery rhymes completed so that’s now 5/9 complete for my buyer from the United States and I recorded a voiceover which was ordered last night by a new buyer!

This evening i’m working in the cinema. My last shift was before Christmas and there is a live show tonight so i’m needed. Looking forward to an of socialisation!

Diary Entry

Tues 9th Jan

I’ve just recorded a voiceover for someone in Belfast, Ireland. Currently my only order of the day. Then I thought, I haven’t written in my blog since last Friday!

It’s day 9 of the diet, and it’s going great! The secret? We’ve been eating breakfast every day, having a small lunch and a bigger evening meal before 6pm. No snacking on rubbish, no processed freezer food… i’ve lost 5lb’s already! Shifting that weight for the year of the wedding 🙂 When you’re self-employed, it’s difficult not to just keep eating all day when you’re sat inside all day with food surrounding you. All of a sudden you’ve piled on the pounds and you just keep eating biscuits, crisps… everything you shouldn’t!

On Saturday, Gareth and I went wedding ring shopping. We picked some really beautiful rings and I can’t wait ’til they’re ready! It’s exciting how time is flying so fast now we’ve hit 2018. Nearly everything is ready… Just outfits and the cake to sort!

Anyway, last week I didn’t think I was going to make enough money for my weekly goal.  Which can be a little worrying when you have bills to pay and a wedding to save for. But on Sunday night I had a premium jingle order in on Fiverr from someone based in Jersey, which covered me for the week! So I hit that goal, but last minute. It’s a money rollercoaster in this job. You can feel poor one day and next everything can correct itself. So I was very pleased. I told my buyer i’d get it sent to them today (Tuesday) as I was visiting my great friend Isabel yesterday. However, I came home and got working on it and finished it too! They loved it first time too. So not only did I deliver earlier than I said, I got it perfect first time! My favourite type of orders. They gave me a 5 star review and said they’d certainly be back in the near future. Hurrah!!



Diary Entry

Fri 22nd Dec

I was woken up at 4.30am with a new order. Vocals for a short sweet little song by a return buyer. I woke up at 8.15am, made a start at 8.45am and it is now complete at 9.05am. The Chinese TVC music has finally been accepted so no more worry on that one! Just waiting to hear if the theme song I did for a children’s show is okay. Then I can finally leave the house. The time is ticking…