Cover Songs

Thu 3rd May

It’s very difficult to stick to a blog when it isn’t second nature! This week I’ve had a bit of a sore throat, which is always really not cool. But I used my time well by visiting family… hopefully not spreading my germs! I’ve been singing a lot of children song’s lately, along with radio voiceovers and I’ve recently written a jingle for a kids website that promotes saving the earth. I uploaded my new EP to Bandcamp ( and got my first two sales! I won’t be able to see if I’ve had sales on Amazon or iTunes for a while… Today I’ve had a lot of time on my hands, so I covered George Ezra’s Paradise.

I hope you will have a listen and maybe leave a comment on it or even a like!

Nursery Rhyme Projects

Cali’s Books

Being self-employed can bring opportunities you never thought you’d have. I never imagined i’d be producing and singing 15 second song clips for children’s books. It started with one. Then another. And two more! It’s been amazing working Cali and Asa, and i’m so over the moon that they took the time to send the books to me in the UK via post all the way from Hong Kong! The whole projects excited me and I hope there will be lots and lots of books to come to make myself and so many children and parents smile. Go check them out at or message them on Facebook, Cali’s Books.

You may be interested in the blog Fiverr wrote about Cali’s books;

Here’s my beautiful collection 🙂